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Diana Peacocke has been elected for her second term on North Down Borough Council.

Diana has been a member of the Ulster Unionist Party for five years. She is chair of North Down's Ulster Unionist Association and vice chair of Holywood's Ulster Unionist Party branch. She contested the 2003 Assembly elections in North Down narrowly missing out on one of the six seats.

Diana is particularly interested in planning, protecting the green belt and achieving a low council rates bill without affecting services. She is opposed to the Governments water charges.

Diana is a board member of Holywood Chamber of Commerce, the newly formed Holywood Arts Trust, Holywood Community Policing Forum, North Down Safer Streets, North Down Development Organisation, Helens Bay Association, North Down Arts Panel and NDSAC. Diana is a business woman and has set up a number of successul businesses of her own. Her hobbies include skiing and opera.

She is actively involved on 12 committees of the Council, including Economic Development, Planning, CCTV, North Down Sports Advisory Council and SIGNAL Steering Group. She works tirelessly on various issues, tackling concerns about policing and crime while focusing on planning and conservation,.

Diana is determined that any changes in the school system should both maintain parental choice and enhance the learning opportunities for all. She has represented the Ulster Unionist Party internationally both at Harvard University on the Executive Programme and as a delegate for the American Council for Young Political Leaders in Washington DC.

Diana is married to Dr Peacocke, a European Commission and DTI renewable energy expert, and they have one young son.

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