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Every Little Helps

Deputy Mayor of North Down, Councillor Diana Peacocke has spoken of the danger to the environment presented by the thousands of plastic carrier bags picked up by shoppers at North Down retail outlets, and beyond. She said:

"While we in North Down are very lucky to have such excellent shopping facilities available, there is the risk that with the convenience, will come complacence about environmental concerns.

"I urge everyone to stop and think each time they make a purchase, and not to take a plastic carrier bag for one or two items. We are all aware that with some purchases, bags are simply not needed.

"I am pleased to see that the big stores are leading the way, offering incentives such as Tesco 'Club card' points for boycotting the bags.

"Local wildlife is under threat from carelessly discarded carrier bags, and precious resources are used up in the manufacturing processes. It is the responsibility of every shopper to think at the checkout.

"It is the role of every single shopper to help the local and worldwide environment by putting items into one bag, reusing bags, and simply saying no. With so much at stake - every little does help."

posted by Cllr. D. Peacocke @ 11:28 PM,

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