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Traditional Features Under Threat

Deputy Mayor of North Down, Councillor Diana Peacocke today called for the preservation of traditional features in North Down. She said:

"In an area so rich in history, it is of the utmost importance that, where possible, the traditional features are retained. Right across the borough, there are many high quality historical features, which may be under threat from new developments.

"I am pleased to see that in the recent resurfacing of Farnham Road, the traditional granite kerbstones have been preserved, and where possible the newer concrete kerbs are being replaced. It is these seemingly small details that make North Down such a desirable area to live.

"It should be top of developers agenda to capitalise on the features that help form such distinctive character on the North Down streets, and so ensure this unique history does not fall victim to demolition, or find itself carelessly thrown in a skip.

"It is a tribute to the high standard of Victorian workmanship and materials, the sense of the North Down "community", and the work of groups such as the Bangor West Conservation Group that so many important features remain a part of the North Down landscape. I sincerely hope this will be the case for many years to come."

Farnam Road resurfacing


Photo used with permission. AP.

posted by Cllr. D. Peacocke @ 1:22 PM,

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